Learn What Triggers Belly Fat and How to Get Rid of It For Good

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Too much fat on the body is unhealthy. When fat gathers around the belly, it puts even more stress on vital internal organs. This extra weight affects our health in many ways.

Overweight vs. Obese: Measure It

One quick and dirty way to judge if our weight is right for our height is the Body Mass Index (BMI). A BMI of 25 to 29.9 signals overweight. Thirty and up: obese.

The formula is simple:

BMI = (weight in pounds * 703)/ (height in inches2)

The Health Risks of Too Much Belly Fat

People who are overweight or obese need to consider whether their excess weight is mainly belly fat. A higher cholesterol level is just one of the health risks associated with fat centered on the belly. So is diabetes.

Belly Fat Triggers

Now, let’s look at what makes belly fat come piling on.

When we feel hungry, our blood sugar falls below a certain level. The fastest, easiest way to respond to this unpleasant feeling is to eat. Especially carbohydrates. Carbs rapidly raise our blood sugar levels and we feel “better,” but this is an illusion.

With this sudden spike in blood sugar, we overshoot our needs. This prompts the pancreas to produce too much insulin. Insulin brings our blood sugar levels in check but the more often this happens, the more we build up a tolerance to insulin.

The Danger of Chronically High Insulin

Over time, it takes more and more insulin to restore our blood sugar levels. With extra insulin floating around in the bloodstream, this fools the body into thinking plenty of carbs are available. In turn, we bypass fat as fuel and store even more of it.

Meanwhile, the overload of insulin brings blood sugar levels too low. Suddenly, we’re hungry and the cycle starts all over. Again. Worse, these chronically high insulin levels, if left unchecked, lead to diabetes.

Break Free and Get Rid of Belly Fat

Naturally, the key to getting rid of belly fat and avoiding conditions like diabetes is to adopt eating habits that help us break free of this vicious circle.

For a gentle way to go about it, check out The 4 Eating Secrets Actors, Athletes and Models Use to Get Rid of Belly Fat. If you’re after six-pack abs once and for all, get the truth about abs now.

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