The 4 Eating Secrets Actors, Athletes and Models Use to Get Rid of Belly Fat

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Everybody wants a flat belly. To look glamorous… like a big name actor, athlete or model. These so called “beautiful people” make staying slim look easy.

Still, chances are, they follow smarter workouts and eating plans than most people. Naturally, if we do what they do, we’ll get rid of belly fat too. And keep it off.

Secret #1 – Enjoy Simple, Healthy Foods

Eating simple, healthy foods are key if you want to get rid of belly fat. Low in sugar and cholesterol, the foods included in a balanced plan are often high in fiber and nutrients.

The beautiful people tend to eat simple foods. They avoid packaged products loaded with the kinds of ingredients only scientists can pronounce.

Secret #2 – Time Your Meals and Snacks

If the body goes more than four hours without a meal, it will hold on to fat, including belly fat. After all, for thousands of years, food was scarce. And surviving a famine was the body’s top priority.

The slender folks on TV eat balanced meals every three hours or so. They carry prepared meals and snacks with them. Or they eat out knowing in advance what they’ll order. Of course, we can easily do this too.

Secret #3 – Eat Balanced Meals

Meals that are 40% protein, 40% carbs and 20% fat help the body to run at peak metabolism. And make it easier to get rid of belly fat. Try this and adjust it to what works for you. This way, you’ll find your ideal ratio.

When you eat balanced meals like these at shorter intervals, you no longer trigger fat storage. You also prevent hunger. And binges.

This keeps your metabolism high – just like those trim idols on TV who make a point of eating every three hours or so.

Secret #4 – Drink Responsibly

Those same sexy stars, more often than not, drink only in moderation. They lay off of beer, booze and soda. This keeps their sugar intake down.

Too much sugar in the bloodstream can cause inflammation. And damage internal organs like the pancreas and liver.

You Can Get Rid of Belly Fat Too

The actors, athletes and models in the limelight are mere mortals like you and me. What works for them will work for you too.

In an upcoming post, we’ll look at the workouts they do. If you’d like a sneak preview, I invite you to learn more about the abdominals and how you can get rid of belly fat now.

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